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Essential ??..........................maybe ............maybe not...........If your roster is full of high effort and skilled players I feel a true point guard is probably the most important position on the team.......A coach on the court , kinda like how Deron Williams and Dee Brown were for the 2005 squad......

A glue guy definition has progressed from what we used to call an all around player when i played BB in grade school and who plays good D , rebounds and is a stat stuffer in all the major game stats.....

When I think of GLUE , it is something that binds things together...........that to me is the definition of a true point guard .....holding players accountable for their play , like a general holding his troops together to get the best results.....A glue guy on a team might be good but not great in multiple areas of play but he is not a general acting player........

DMW was a glue guy , for sure , but his play was lacking in certain areas of play and I didn't see much of the general aspects of holding players accountable for their play.....maybe he did but it seemed to me his personality was not a rah-rah guy ....He let his actions speak for him.....and he was hard nosed but that hard nosed attitude sometimes got the best of him......

Brad has said many times that each years roster is so different from the year before and some years you may not need a glue guy as much as other years........The old adage that elite talent makes up for some inadequities elsewhere is tried and true......

to sum up my feeble attempt to answer your question , make up of a roster is , in my humble opinion , means a leader on and off the court is more essential than a " glue guy " and that leader's lead by example approach might not be a glue guy definition .......

To me the most essential aspect in every year's roster is confidence in yourself , your teammates and in your coaching staff.......Confidence can overcome a poor shooting night or a height disadvantage or a trio of blind refs......not every night , but I always wanted my teammates thinking we could win every game and giving an all out effort to win that game that day.......

if you watched Rodgers play in Mexico over the summer, you saw the definition of a "glue guy" personified. He wasn't the leading scorer or rebounder but, boy, did the team function better when he was on the court. He played lock-down defense, brought the ball up the court, passed to the right guy, scored when needed and got everyone involved, congratulating and encouraging each player through out the game. I was so proud that he was a future Illini more than if any of the other guys were going to C-U.

Look up "glue guy" in the dictionary and you'll find his picture!


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Time for my 1 post a year! My camp says Don’t look for him on campus until December. a lot of work to do between now and then. ILL
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Great thoughts Pru. At its core I think “glue guy” is usually applied to someone not as talented as other players on the team but still makes a significant impact on winning. Guys that lack in talent often leverage effort and leadership, amongst other things, to make that impact. I think Feliz may have been the actual glue guy and not having him in ‘21 hurt. I don’t think he lets us lose to Loyola.
I nominate Lucas Johnson


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